Optimum Heat

Keep warm, the smart way.

Directional Vs. Spherical

Traditional patio heaters emit heat in a sphere as surrounding air comes into contactwith the open flame. A large percentage of this heat is lost vertically as the hot air naturally rises. Some heat is emitted downwards but due to this spherical style of heat emission traditional patio heaters must be placed in the center of the desired area to have any effect on those crowded closely around it.

Employing direct gas injected in a similar method to traditional patio heaters Smart-Heat Portable uses this flame to heat a radiant ceramic element that efficiently and precisely projects heat. The increased efficiency of directional heating becomes more pronounced as distance is increased, with the Smart-Heat Portable able to reach 16-feet into an open space with an impressive 13-foot spread, offering an unparalleled gradient heat.

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[includes gas]